10 Simple Things To Do On Valentine’s Day With Your Partner

Less than two months from the hustle and bustle of the holidays, your pocketbooks may still be burning. Instead of planning an elaborate, expensive dinner with your partner, you may want to have just a simple night together.

Here are 10 simple things to do on Valentine’s Day with your partner.


Things To Do On Valentine's Day

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Things To Do On Valentine's DayDitch The Data

Make a promise to be phone-free this Valentine’s Day. Eliminating the distractions of emails, texts, and social media updates will allow you and your partner to be fully present with one another. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your partner, and if you’re usually busy, notice how you feel when you are both simply enjoying each other’s company.

Netflix and Chill

Grab the popcorn and the remote, a movie night is the perfect date for the couple who is constantly working. Whether you enjoy Netflix or Hulu, slip into your comfortable clothes, fuzzy socks, and let the credits start rolling. Make sure you two are very cozy under the blanket 😉


Things To Do On Valentine's DayHave A Game Night

Whether the relationship has started it’s flame more recently, or has been years in the running, hosting a Game Night may be the perfect opportunity to have a double-date with a few close friends. Spending time with those you love is what really matters, right?

If you aren’t keen on bringing in other people on this special night, here is a list of two player games:

  • Chess
  • Checkers
  • Tic-Tac-toe
  • Scrabble
  • A Puzzle

Cook Together

Let the Pinterest searching begin. Choose a recipe you both will enjoy, and go through the entire process together. Buy the groceries, prepare the vegetables, tend the stove. Quality time together, a good meal, and being all alone… what could be more romantic!?

Things To Do On Valentine's Day Things To Do On Valentine's Day

Bring A Bottle of Wine

Maybe you’re the type of couple who does want to go out. Make an adventure of it. Go on a picnic at the park, drive to the beach, go ice skating. Wherever your destination may be, bring your favorite bottle of wine and imbibe together.


Give Each Other a Massage

This is one of the best things to do on Valentine’s Day because it has all of the wonderful parts of a romantic night in one. Sensual touch, relaxation, quality time, expression of love. So light the candles, play the Spotify playlist, and give each other a much needed massage. You’re both hard workers, you deserve it!


Reminisce with Old Photos

Take out the old photo album or Facebook posts and look at the journey you both have gone on together. Remember the fun dates and the times that meant the most in your relationship. This will spark joy for you both and give you a new appreciation for each other that may have been obscured by everyday life.

Things To Do On Valentine's DayWatch the Sunset

Take a drive to watch the sunset (weather permitting). The drive will give you time to talk or listen to old music, while the breathtaking view is a moment in time that you can sit and appreciate this person you are sharing a life with, and who you are able to enjoy these simple yet compound junctures. You can hold hands and say nothing at all, basking in the beauty of the world together, or have a full conversation expressing your dreams for the future.

Take a Bath

Surprise your partner with a nice romantic bath upon their arrival. Pour in the bubbles or bath bomb, light up the candles, and get that Spotify playlist jamming. If you want to bring this to next level, add those beautiful flower petals that are oh so picturesque. It may just take their breath away…


Things To Do On Valentine's Day

Write A Love Letter

A classic form of expression, a love letter will give you the space to slow down your thoughts and be intentional about what you want to say to your partner. This exercise can be very therapeutic for yourself, and will mean a lot to your partner. Since these are words from your heart there is no right or wrong way to write. Just get it all out there, and seal that envelope with your anticipated kiss.


All in all, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean spending hundreds of dollars to appeal to your partner. There are plenty of simple things to do on Valentine’s Day. It can be a day where you are intentional in expressing your lasting love with simple gestures and kind affirmations. While of course you can show your partner love every day, February 14th is the perfect occasion to be more creative and deliberate in your expression.

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