27 Things I Want To Say To The Friend Who Hates Her Body

I was scrolling through the photos on my phone late one night because I was “dangerously low” on storage. I see pictures of my dog, screenshots of recipes, a funny license plate, and videos from the county fair.

One photo from a few years ago caught my eye. It was a photo of somebody in gym gear. My first thought is “wow. she’s really in shape.” I click on the photo assuming it’s another screenshot from Pinterest, and suddenly realize that this person is me.

That’s when things changed.

The person standing in front of the full-length mirror who was “so in shape” suddenly became the person who has messy hair, dark circles, and cellulite.

Same picture. Different viewpoints.

I caught myself in this self-deprecating loop and realized that THIS is why we struggle with body image. It’s not the body itself, it’s the person within. We are much more critical of ourselves than anybody else.

We’ve got to change that.

So for the friend who doesn’t see her beauty, looks at her body through a magnifying glass, and thinks she is less than; Here’s what I want to say to her.


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  1. I love your body because it’s what holds you, your essence, your soul, your being.
  2. Who doesn’t have cellulite?
  3. You deserve to eat the food that gives you the energy to conquer the world.
  4. A bad workout doesn’t mean you’re a failure.
  5. Scars are proof of what we have been through.
  6. I have hair in weird places too.
  7. You don’t have to be a cover model to be worthy of love.
  8. People carry weight in different places, and that’s okay.
  9. Your worth is not a measure of your body fat percentage.
  10. Imperfections are not flaws.
  11. You are your biggest critic.
  12. Skinny tea is a scam.
  13. Give yourself enough slack to live your life.
  14. You are allowed to take up space in this world.
  15. Losing 10 pounds will not teach you how to love yourself, but taking care of your body will.
  16. Some cats are fat, and we love those cats.
  17. Instead of trying to lose weight, try to gain self-love.
  18. Social media doesn’t show the whole picture.
  19. You can still love yourself and be a work in progress.
  20. Changes in your body mean you are alive.
  21. Carbs aren’t the enemy, diet culture is.
  22. Let’s say you achieved that “perfect body”. How many joyous moments do you think you will have to sacrifice for it?
  23. Hating yourself will never get you as far as loving yourself.
  24. Stretch marks are a sign of growth. Remember how you always wanted to grow up? This is that time. Savor it.
  25. You have so much more to offer than what people see with their eyes.
  26. You are always beautiful.
  27. I love you for you.



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