Is Skillshare Worth It? Pros and Cons of Skillshare

No matter your job or your hobby, it is always fun to continue to improve your craft and reach new levels of expertise. Many seek out this information through websites, such as Skillshare. com, but I have realized that some of you are starting to question “Is Skillshare Worth It?”

Will Skillshare really teach you new skills and knowledge that will help you become more engaged, improve your business, or start a new hobby?

Here is what I will go over:

    • What is Skillshare?
    • What does Skillshare offer?
    • Who is Skillshare for?
    • How much does Skillshare cost?
    • Pros & Cons of Skillshare
    • What are some recommended Skillshare classes?

Is Skillshare Worth It?

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The classes offered by Skillshare range from watercolor and calligraphy to Photoshop and web development. The main categories offered are Creative, Business, Technology, and Lifestyle.

The classes can range from 7-10 minutes to 8 hours. (yes, some are very in depth!)


Is Skillshare Worth It?


Courses are divided into Modules, and there are hundreds of teachers with a variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise. Skillshare makes it simple to save a course to a list, and to follow a specific teacher if you enjoyed one of their workshops.

There are featured workshops every week, and an algorithm used to suggest courses based on what you have saved and watched already. You can also join groups where other people can come together and view courses made just for you. There are groups for graphic designers, illustrators, entrepreneurs, photographers, programmers, and even those interested in culinary arts!

Here is how I have personally improved myself with Skillshare:

    • Developed better photography for social media and blog photos
    • Learned more on how to use Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Implemented organizational strategies
    • Incorporated better techniques by promoting this site on Pinterest (which is probably how you are reading this right now!)

With new classes uploaded weekly, Skillshare is a major part of my own personal development.


Is Skillshare Worth It? Is Skillshare Worth It? Is Skillshare Worth It?

Teaching on Skillshare

All of the Skillshare courses are made by people who have a skill they want to share (hence, the name Skillshare).

Skillshare is a way that you can make some more passive side hustle money by sharing your passion.


Don’t worry though, you don’t have to create a course all on your own. Skillshare offers a Teacher Center where you can connect with other teachers, ask questions, and move through the process of creating your own class. They even provide a Step-By-Step Guide!

Along with the side income, teaching a Skillshare class is a great way to show off your abilities. Usually, the first part of the video is where you introduce yourself and share what you do.

It’s a win-win-win for everyone!

  1. You earn money.
  2. Students learn new skills.
  3. Skillshare continues to add more content.



Is Skillshare Worth It?

Skillshare App

I thought I would mention that Skillshare has an app available for download. I enjoy the app because I am able to watch courses in my kitchen while I am eating, or anywhere else my heavy laptop won’t go.

Similar to social media sites there is a “Discover” feature which will use the algorithm mentioned above to recommend courses based on which topics you follow; (i.e. crafts, photography, writing, etc.)

There are featured classes, trending classes, and popular classes which make it easy to find new topics that maybe you didn’t think of searching for. All saved classes are easily accessible and you can even download courses onto your phone.

If you were watching a course and had to stop midway, the app will keep this course at the top of the feed so you can continue right away.



Skillshare Pricing

So… how much does this all cost?

Skillshare offers some courses for free, but if you want to experience the Premium courses, you can start a 2-month free trial just from being a reader!

If you are happy with Skillshare by the end of the free trial, the cost is $10/month billed annually or $15/month paid monthly. With the free trial, you will only be paying for the rest of the 10 months in the year.

To give you perspective, that is the same price per month as:

    • A Netflix subscription
    • 2 Starbucks coffees
    • Less than ½ a Medium Yankee Candle
    • Chipotle
    • A new phone case



Is Skillshare Worth It?

Pros & Cons of Skillshare


  • It is easily accessible, and you can start or stop a course at anytime
  • Provides the opportunity to teach and earn passive income
  • There are hundreds of classes to choose from
  • The website is intuitive
  • New content weekly
  • Provides opportunity for community groups
  • Comes with a free app to make it easy to watch anywhere
  • Extremely helpful for technical skills with software and tools
  • Their customer service is quick and effective
  • It is very cheap compared to competitors
  • It has a broad range of classes



  • Not all courses are high-quality, some teachers are hard to understand.
  • It isn’t free. (as with most good things)
  • When my trial was up I had to call their office as my saved courses were gone (but they fixed it right away and I lost nothing!)


Honestly, those are the only things I could find as a negative with Skillshare. I have gained so much from the courses, and have saved HOURS of browsing on the internet to find the same material (some of which would not be found anyways)



Is Skillshare Worth It?

Recommended Skillshare Classes

With my subscription, I have watched many courses which I have applied to my business and personal life.

In my honest opinion, I think the answer to “Is Skillshare Worth It?” is an astounding yes. With the information provided on how to set up passive income with my Etsy store I have paid for this year’s subscription alone!

I believe there is enough great content in Skillshare that the simple $10/month is a steal of a deal. As a one woman show, it is hard to do #allthethings. This is where Skillshare comes in. I learn more about all aspects of my business to create the vision I have imagined for it, and in my free time I learn how to create something new!

If you’re interested in any of these classes, it’s definitely worth it to check out Skillshare here  for your commitment free 2-month trial.

You can cancel anytime.

Below are some awesome courses that I have enjoyed:

All Creative Entrepreneurs:


For Bloggers & Writers:


For Etsy Shop Owners:


For Youtubers:

Be sure to get your 2-Month Free Trial, and comment below what you are most looking forward to learning with Skillshare!

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