How To Get Creative With Canva 2.0

This past week Canva launched more features with their website which can be found with the Canva 2.0 integration!

Let’s just say I am a huge fan. For someone who has been pretty artsy online over the years, Canva has been my go-to for social media, worksheets, and yes, even my wedding invitations.

Below is the list of new and awesome features offered by Canva 2.0. 

Canva 2.0

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This is amazing for anyone with a website.

By using the Embed feature, your image or graphic will automatically update anytime you make changes to it within your Canva account.

This way you no longer have to upload, reload, resize, etc.

Canva 2.0


Are you looking for an easy way to create awesome Instagram stories?

Animation can certainly help with that. Video and interactive designs are very eye-catching.

The animation feature allows you to get your graphics moving with 6 preset designs: Rise, Bounce, Block, Fade, 3D, and Slide. You can save you work as a GIF or an Mp4 file.

Canva 2.0



Little known fact, but Canva will now post your social media for you!

With the new scheduler feature, you can schedule your social media posts for Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Tumblr. Just set the time and day, create the caption, and walaa!

If you’re not sure of when to post, the scheduler has pre-set optimal times for posting to ensure that you are being seen.

Canva 2.0


These are technically two separate features, but they work just the same. Both offer animation styles for each page.

The presentation feature offers 6 different transition styles, and you can change slides by clicking through. If you want the presentation on a loop, you are able to set time frames for each page. This is great for any events, conferences, or parties with TV’s or projector screens.

The website allows you to create a presentation or show your graphic by creating a custom URL.

You can share this anywhere you want to post your individual link. Along with animation styles, the website allows you to choose which type of website layout you want: Classic, Scrolling, Presentation, or Standard.

Canva 2.0

Unlimited Images and Storage

Not even Google Drive has unlimited storage. Just let that sink in.

Canva is amazing for keeping all of my art in one place. It can be extremely frustrating having content spread all around.

Canva is truly a one-stop shop for everything design.

Canva 2.0

Magic Resize

Ever created a Pinterest post and wanted to make it into an Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook post too? Yeah, I know.

With all of that hard work, it needs to be displayed everywhere! With this magical little wand and a few edits, you can do just that in a matter of minutes. It takes away the hassle of cropping and resizing your design all with the click of one button.

Canva 2.0

Transparent Photos

This was the feature that sold me on going Premium.

If you want to create something that can be used on any color background, the transparent feature is a must!

When I started my Etsy store, I needed transparent images for t-shirt designs. Trust me, I searched all over to find this feature for free.

The alternatives were…. not so great. In fact, they were horrific, complicated, and inefficient. The transparent feature alone has allowed me to start seeing profits on my shop and has paid for the Canva subscription itself!

Canva 2.0

Custom Fonts

Canva already has a ton of free fonts and lettering, but with this feature, you can upload up to 25 custom fonts.

Are you a graphic designer who created your own font? You can easily import it and use it at your disposal. Anytime. Anywhere.

Canva 2.0


You can build or add your brand kit, and create a consistent look across all of your designs. With the Brand Kit feature, you are able to set up the fonts you use, create custom color palettes, and upload your logos all in one place. The best part is, the fonts and colors in your brand kit are always the first options to choose from. This makes the process quick and easy to design beautiful graphics for any purpose.

Canva 2.0

Want to try Canva for Work + Canva 2.0 for free? You can sign up for a 30-Day free trial by creating an account at

Don’t worry, they are cool enough to send you an email 3 days before your trial ends, so if you don’t love it as much as I do, you can always cancel at no charge.

What do you use Canva for?

Leave a comment below!

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