Our Mission

We desire to educate others about mental health and psychology so they may make better choices to improve their overall well-being.

We want to break down the stigma of speaking out about mental health so the people who need this information are easily and proactively pursuing it.

We want to contribute to a downward trend of mental illness, suicide rates, and overall distress.

We are dedicated to preparing our community to be able to face challenges head on, and to promote personal growth and fulfillment.

What Is Fully Flourishing?

Fully Flourishing is a website dedicated to improving and understanding mental health and well-being.

This platform is used to teach each other about our own versions of well-being, and to share struggles that many of us can identify with. The objective is to help you learn more about yourself, and make educated decisions about how you can achieve a fully flourishing life.

About The Founder


I’m Brit. I started this blog in 2018 with the intention of teaching others what it means to flourish.

What started as a reply to a callout on Instagram turned into a life mission.

I want to talk about mental health and be a voice for change.

I personally love the field of positive psychology with topics such as well-being, resilience, flourishing, and flow, but this site is going to include information about a variety of areas of psychology and mental health.

As someone who has personally struggled with anxiety and depression, I want to help in the movement to break mental health stigma.

I believe that attending to the part of life beyond treatment, our lives can exponentially change for the better.

I also believe that we can be stronger in our fight together, rather than going at it on our own.


I hope after spending time on this site, you are:

  • Inspired to pull in more meaning into your life
  • Empowered to make a change and work towards personal growth
  • Finding tools and tips to help manage your mental health
  • Able to find more resiliency through life’s ups and downs
  • More educated about how to improve your well-being

I have a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Sociology.

I also earned a Masters of Education where I focused on adult learning.  

During this degree, I spent a semester in a Neuroscience Research Lab where I interacted with patients who have Alzheimer’s.

What Sparked Your Interest Positive Psychology?

As an undergraduate I took a positive psychology course which challenged me to try activities that have been shown to improve well-being as based on a book called The How Of Happiness. As a master’s student I studied theories that were also based on concepts found in positive psychology.

After I graduated I read The How Of Happiness (again) and Flourish (again) which is written by the father of positive psychology: Martin Seligman. I started to put these activities into my day to day life while also writing about it here! I have since then been doing my own research and reading more about mindfulness, resiliency, neuroscience, meditation, and much more.

As someone who has struggled with anxiety and depression from a young age, I have found that these types of activities and challenges have been very beneficial and I want to share them with everyone!

What Has Helped You The Most With Your Mental Health?

100%, I attribute my progress to therapy. I saw counselors throughout my adolescence, but stopped when life and money were obstacles for seeking help.

(Little did I know that there are free and affordable resources!)

It took me about 7 years to go back to therapy, but now that I have sought help on my own as an adult, I think that it is essential for healing because you don’t have to to solve your issues alone.

I have also found medication to be a tremendous help. I originally started on medication at the age of 13, but went many years without it due to the #stigma and the belief that I could not afford it. Since going back on SSRI’s, I have seen a 180 degree change in my mood, thoughts, and quality of life.

Other things that have helped my mental health include: reading, taking “me” time, journaling, listening to music, and reaching out to other people.

What Is Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type?

I’m an ISFJ.

Introverted / Sensing / Feeling / Judging

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What Are Your VIA Character Strengths?

Love / Fairness / Judgement / Creativity / Perspective

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